Letter from the Superintendent


Christmas this year was so special for our family. It was nice to just sit and visit with all the family together. Each year is different in the fact that the family is growing. We have one small Christmas get together with our three daughters, their husbands, and six grandkids. Then we have one big family gathering with about 60 at my dad’s house in Stonewall. We just get all day to visit and eat. My dad always buys all the great grand kids one gift to open. What a zoo that is!  So many laughs this year given what everyone has had to endure last year, just like all of your families. I do pray that all of you did get the time to love your families. The most important is the reason for Christmas. God is so good even though this world seems out of control at times. May we embrace the 2022 New Year with all the opportunities and challenges that will come our way.

January is one of the busiest months of the year. There is an event going on almost every day and night this month. As I take a quick look at the calendar, there may be only 2 nights off. We kick off with the Longhorn Classic, then Jr. High Grady County tournament, then the High School Grady County tournament at Rush Springs this year.

As stated before, this month is very busy. As your superintendent, I can never thank the Parents, Staff, and Community enough for helping hold students accountable. The expectations for all of our students at Alex are to thrive in all areas. We want our students to know that they are loved and that we all want them to be their best. Please help us to insure all students never settle for less than how far their abilities will take them. I know that students should never put a lid on their potential.

Once again, I ask that parents help students to stay on top of their grades. It is so easy to fall behind with all the activities going on and January is a perfect time for a fresh start. Be sure to check our School app and web site for all the events in January. If you have any questions email your child’s teacher to make sure we are all working together for the students.


Dr. Keith Weldon