A Note from the Super


It has been a very busy summer here at the school. We put new carpet in 30 rooms and refinished all other areas, and touched up on painting. All looks amazing and something the community can be proud of.  There are always several summer projects going on. The work to keep our school looking great takes a lot of working hours.

This year we are adding some new teachers and students to Alex Public Schools. We are fortunate to have such awesome teachers and support staff here at Alex. After last year of all the unknowns that students had to endure, I can say as your superintendent, our students are truly amazing.

I hope that the summer break has been good to all. School will start in just a few days. If you are new to the district, be sure to download our Alex School App. Our school newsletter, student handbook, Board agendas, games, events of classes, and so much more can be just at your fingertips. We have staff that post on there most days. Stay tuned in and see the great things that are going on in the Alex Public Schools system.

This community has put students in the best learning environment possible. We still need your help in seeing that your child stays on top of their grades in all classes. In order for us to keep educating students at the highest level possible, it will take a team of parents , staff, administration, and community working together as one to hold students 100% accountable for their growth. Please check their grades on line, ask your child questions about school, and communicate with their teachers by email or phone. We must all work together to ensure success for each student’s future. As always it is such an honor to serve as your Superintendent of schools.

In Christ,


Dr. Keith Weldon