Basketball Season Guidelines


·      If you have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 10 days, have symptoms of COVID-19 (as outlined by the CDC), or have had close contact with a positive COVID-19 patient within the past 10 days, do not attend any activities at Alex Public Schools.

·      Face coverings are required while entering and moving about the building. Face coverings are encouraged at all times, but may be removed when seated.

·      Families are encouraged to sit together, but should leave six feet between their group and other guest for social distancing purposes.

·      Please take advantage of our many hand-sanitizing stations, as well as washing hands frequently.

·      We ask that fans not congregate on the floor or in the commons at the conclusion of games. Please exit the building in a timely manner.

·      Please assist us by placing all trash in the receptacles provided throughout the gym.  


·      Each player and coach should have their own water bottle; visiting teams should provide their own.

·      No handshakes before or after the competition.

·      No spirit lines will be allowed.