Parents and guardians of Alex music students:

Due to the policies regarding safety during the pandemic, our administration thought
it best to think of an alternative for our Christmas Concert this year. As your child may have
discussed with you, due to the risk of heavy aerosol breath spread and contamination when
students all sing at once in an enclosed space, we have been doing percussive-only activities
this year. Students have been playing instruments like drums, drum pads, maracas, triangles,
and Boomwhackers Musical Tubes, as well as many others.

The alternative for our Christmas Concert is what most schools in our nation are
reverting to right now, and that is what our administration has decided is best at this time as
well. We will be doing a video recorded Christmas Concert performance. The concert will be
done in our classroom setting and you will be able to see performances on many of the
percussion instruments that we have been working on. Each grade will have its own
performance of two pieces each- up to 4th grade, and then our 5-8 group will do two, as
well as our HS drumline. Students will not need to wear anything special for the

This will be a natural performance, recorded in our classrooms, based on when each
class is ready. It really will be a great way to see your child in their natural music classroom
setting, with what we do each day. I am working with our technology staff at this time to
decide the best outlet to publish the video. That information will be made available to you
just as soon as we know. We are planning on having the recording published somewhere
right around Christmas break, and will do our best to make that happen. Just know, there are
a few technology hurdles to overcome right now, but we are doing our best.

We ask for your patience with this process, as we want to put out a product of good
quality that you and your students can be proud of. We hope that you and your family will
enjoy it when it is published. We will let you know more information about when and where
you will be able to find that, just as soon as we can confirm it. Thank you.

L. Lewis
Alex Schools Music Director