Elementary Principal's Welcome Letter

Dear Parents and Guardians,

After the extended break, I am so excited to welcome our students to school on August 11th!  I have missed the interactions I generally get to have with students, parents, and grandparents over the last 5 months. On that note, I would like to thank each of you for allowing me to share in the lives of your children. The understanding that each student in our building is the most important person in the world to loving parents, grandparents, and other family members is always at the forefront of my mind and it is safe to say, that as an educator the students that walk the halls of the school are like my own!

As is true with my own child, the health and safety of our students is more imperative than ever during the unprecedented circumstances we are experiencing due to COVID-19.  Updated safety precautions have altered the way the first day of school, and the 2020-2021 school year will look compared to past years. Unfortunately, parents & guardians will not be permitted entrance to school buildings or to congregate in front of the building. All students in PK-4th grades will be dropped-off at the elementary building through the car/bus lane each day. If your student walks to school, please instruct them to enter the elementary building upon arrival.

Though we understand these precautions must be taken, we also know this may be very difficult for parents, especially those of our younger students. However, I want you to know that as an elementary team, we will do everything we can to make this transition easier for you all. On the first day of school, pictures will be taken of each student with our first day of school bulletin board. I will send the picture home by the beginning of the second week of school and will also be happy to send you a digital copy of the picture via email if you wish.

In addition, Alex Public School will continue to evaluate mask requirements as the school year progresses. At this time, all students will be required to wear masks in common areas such as the hallways and where social distancing is not possible (one example being small group and center rotations in elementary). To begin the school year, 4th-12th grade students will be required to wear masks with few exceptions, including physical education and athletic classes. 

Also related to health and safety, all elementary students will be dropped-off at the elementary building this school year. Upon arrival, each student will be have a temperature screening and then go to their classroom. Drop-off is from 7:45-7:55 am. If your child has a reusable mask, please have them wear it as they enter the building, as this will be a time when social distancing may be impossible. Car line pick-up will begin at 3:10 pm and buses will pick-up students at the elementary at approximately 3:30 pm. We ask that parents stay in their cars at both drop-off and pick-up and avoid congregating in front of our building at all times.

Though we are experiencing many firsts as a school family, I know this will be a great year. Regardless of the circumstances around us, the goal will always be to keep our students safe, and help our students grow, learn, and progress in academics as well as individuals. There is no doubt, 2020-2021 be a school year we will always remember!

All my best,
Nicole Bauman
Elementary Principal
Alex Public Schools