Return to School—Announcement

Alex Elementary Parents & Guardians: Due to new health and safety protocols related to COVID-19, parents & guardians will not be permitted entrance to school buildings or be permitted to congregate in front of the building this school year. All elementary students (PK-4th) will be dropped off at the elementary building through the car/bus lane each day. If your student walks to school, please instruct them to enter the elementary building upon arrival. These procedures are for the safety of all.

Though we understand these precautions must be taken, we also know this may be a very difficult occurrence for many parents, especially the parents of our younger students. However, we want you to know that we will do everything we can to make this transition easier for you all. On the first day of school, pictures will be taken of each student in front of the board pictured. We will send the picture home by the beginning of the second week of school and will also be happy to send you a digital copy of the picture via email if you wish.

Our staff members are so ready to see our students once again! It’s been a long summer and we are eager to begin a fantastic school year!