Sayre Softball Tournament Schedule

Thursday Pool Schedule

9:00 Clinton vs Cheyenne

10:10 Hollis vs Clinton

11:20 Cheyenne vs Hollis

12:30 Mangum vs Altus JV

1:40 Altus JV vs Hydro

2:50 Alex vs Frederick

4:00 Frederick vs Sayre

5:10 Altus vs BFDC

6:20 Hammon vs Altus

7:30 BFDC vs Hammon

Friday Pool Schedule

9:00 Mangum vs Hydro

10:10 Sayre vs Alex

11:20 Will be the first game of the tournament

Teams will play 2 games in pool play and then a single elimination tournament.  Teams will be seeded according to results of pool play to be placed in the bracket (not available at this time).

Pool games will be 65 mins, no new inning after 55 mins

Tournament games will be 70 mins, no new inning after 65 mins

Pool games can end in a tie

Tournament games that are tied at time limit, will go to ITB

Run rule 10 after 3 and 8 after 4