Superintendent's Letter


Thanksgiving this year looked different to all of us. I love the time from November to January, from Thanksgiving to Christmas, then bringing in another New Year. This is a time to love family and remember just how blessed we are. I do pray that all of you had such a blessed Thanksgiving. I know this year was different because of COVID. Our family didn’t get to spend time in Ada with my dad and three sisters like we normally get to do. This year was so much smaller, but it still was an amazing day with our grandkids, and the food was awesome as well.

Another great thing about this time of year is Basketball Season. Basketball at Alex is off and running. Please check our School App or School website on a regular basis because there are different guidelines to follow by each school we play. This is because of the size of the gyms and what is going on in their community in regards to COVID. We must all work together to wear masks to help keep our students competing safely. The same practices will go for our Longhorn Classic and the Grady County Tournament. We are all working together to see that everyone is as safe as possible, while still enjoying the games. Once again as your School Superintendent thank you for helping all of us in such unforeseen times.

December is a very busy month. It seems that there will be something going on each night. Please check with your child to ensure that they stay up on all their work at school. I know the teachers and administration are making sure that we end 2020 strong. It has been a year of the unknowns, but with that I know that 2021 has unlimited possibilities with all of us working together.

The end of December brings an end to 2020 and another Christmas. I think it is a time for us to slow down and just count the blessings we have as a community. Each Christmas is a blessed time, but it is also a hard time for many who have lost loved ones this year. Just remember there are so many great moments to be thankful for in this season. Just think of all the love, laughter, and time spent together. Then never forget the most important part of Christmas and that is Christ, our Lord. We must lean on Him to face the challenges and opportunities that await us in 2021.


 Dr. Keith Weldon