School-Parent Partners Night

November 17, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As we wind down this semester we have been able to reflect on some things in our district.  We have been able to discuss ways we can improve as a school. This year hasn’t been like years’ past, and we are continuing to teach through a pandemic. We are extremely happy to be able to provide traditional and virtual school to meet the needs of our students.  However, with all of the changes, we understand parents/guardians may have concerns or questions moving on through this year.  Justin Doty, our licensed professional counselor, has worked diligently to provide some information/lessons that may be beneficial for our parents/guardians.  We are excited to say, we are going to meet with parents/guardians once a month to help communicate any needs at hand or to discuss ways we can work as a team to help your child succeed. Justin Doty will lead most of the discussions, but I will also be a part of this program. On occasion, teachers may come present information as well.  We hope this opens the doors to communication while adding comfort to parents/guardians as we continue to push through.  Each day our goal is to continue to educate with love and compassion. Thank you for sharing  your child with us.

At the beginning of each month, there will be an announcement about the day and time we will meet.  Our first meeting will be Thursday, November 19th at 5:30 in high school library.  The agenda is “the focus of learning at school and at home”.  Meetings should last about 30 minutes. We look forward to getting an opportunity to meet with our parents. We will practice social distancing and would like to ask parents/guardians to wear a mask.  If it becomes too full, we will move into classrooms.

Thank you always for your support for Alex Public Schools. Hope to see you Thursday evening.

Mrs. Byrne