Fall to Winter



How can it be that Thanksgiving is just a few short weeks away and we have already passed Fall Break and Halloween? This school year is flying by, not unlike others in many senses, but it somehow seems that we are moving even more quickly than before! Maybe this is because of the time we missed with our students last spring, or because we are all anxiously waiting for the normalcy we remember before the pandemic settled in! Either way, as time marches on we see our students are settling into the new routines of school, and life, and our greatest hope is that they are able to enjoy both as children, even amidst the chaos we see in the world today.

As we prepare to be with our families for Thanksgiving and the Christmas season, we have a few upcoming events we would like you to know about.

  • Elementary Cookie Dough Fundraiser – November 2nd through November 18th                
    It is always great to have a freezer full of cookie dough during the holiday season! If you are interested, just ask an elementary student how to purchase your Otis Spunkmeyer products.
  • Elementary Library Book Fair – November 2nd through November 15th                
    Our book fair is online this year, please go to the website below to place your order.                https://www.scholastic.com/bf/alexelementaryschool1
  • Angel Tree Forms – Turn in to bank no later than November 13th                
    The First National Bank & Trust in Alex is doing an Angel Tree for Christmas again this year! If you would like to sign your child(ren) up, please get a form from the elementary office and turn it in to the bank no later than November 13th, 2020.
  • Food Drive – November 30th through December 9th
    The Elementary, MS, & High School will be teaming up to collect food for a Christmas food drive   this year. Forms   for families who would like to receive a food basket will go home on November 16th and will need to be returned    by November 20th. The actual food drive will run from November 30th through December 9th with pick-up being on December 11th from 4:00-6:30 p.m. This is a great way to help our students learn about giving back to their    community and we always appreciate the scale of participation that we have in Alex!
  • Santa’s Workshop – December 14th through December 18th
    The elementary will once again host Santa’s Workshop! This is one of the most exciting times! To see students who are so enthusiastic to shop for their family members and friends is a great experience! Gifts will range from $0.25 to $3.

Though this school year has been unlike any we have experienced in the past, we are hopeful that keeping as many things as normal as possible will give our students the freedom to continue learning, growing as individuals, and fostering friendships they have here at Alex Public Schools. As we move into the holiday season, I like to take time to reflect and think about all I am thankful for; now, more than ever, I am thankful for our students, our staff, our parents, our board members, and our community! Though there is always room for improvement, I believe wholeheartedly that we are part of a truly special town and I am thankful for each person who has made our community a home!


Nicole Bauman 
Elementary Principal