September 11, 2020

Dear Parents & Guardians,

We have been notified that a second staff member in our district has tested positive for Covid-19. As of today, September 11, 2020, this makes 2 employees that are quarantined because they tested positive and 4 staff members that will be quarantined due to exposure.  We have made the difficult decision to quarantine the Kindergarten class for the next 2 weeks as a precaution as well, due to this exposure. If your student is traced as having direct contact with an individual who has tested positive for COVID, a school employee will be reaching out to you by phone.  Currently, we are following CDC guidelines, protocols set by the State Department of Health and our school district, to decrease the spread. These individuals will not be returning until the quarantine period has been fulfilled.

At this time, school will continue on our regular schedule; we understand the concern for all involved as we move through this together. If your child is experiencing Covid related symptoms or running a fever, please keep them home until they can be tested and released to return to school. It is important to notify the school when you are keeping your child home due to concerns of exposure or other illness so their attendance can be noted correctly.

We understand this is not the ideal situation for anyone and appreciate your help by staying in communication with the school when you keep your child home due to illness. If you have any questions, please contact one of the administrators listed below:

Keith Weldon, Superintendent        [email protected]                      405-785-2604

Doug Tolson, HS Principal                  [email protected]                     405-785-2264

Nicole Bauman, ES Principal             [email protected]                405-785-2217

Amy Loggins, Operations                     [email protected]                     405-785-2264


Alex Administrative Team