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Board of Education

Notice to the County Clerk of Grady County, Oklahoma, of the 2018-2019 regular meetings of the Alex School Board of Education, Alex, District No. I-56 of Grady County, Oklahoma. The place and street address of meetings will be the Alex High School Alumni Center, 207 S. 2nd, Alex, Oklahoma 73002.

All regular meetings are scheduled to be held at 6:00 pm in the Alex School Board of Education room on the second Tuesday of each month.

Click this link to browse all Alex School Board of Education agendas and official Board minutes. You may also subscribe to the Alex School Board meeting site to be notified by email of all Board meetings and when new agendas or official minutes have been posted.

School Board Members

From left to right:
Keith Alcorn, Clerk - keithalcorn@ymail.com
Chrystie Shebester, Member - shebester@hotmail.com
Angela Jackson Mainka, Vice-President - admainka@gmail.com
Tom Ketchum, President
- ttketchum@hotmail.com
Steven Burton, Member - steven.burtonjr@yahoo.com